Healthy Lunch Sandwiches

It is difficult to healthy lunch sandwiches create lunches that are approved child healthy, so parents often find themselves in a rut and send those same things again and again. However, it is healthier to eat a variety of foods to get a good mix of all the essential nutrients , so it might be worth the effort to change things healthy lunch sandwiches and include new twists on favorite snacks your

Nut Butter Sandwiches

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwiches are two of the most popular snacks healthy lunch sandwiches for children. Make these a little healthier in sandwiches with whole wheat bread instead of white bread and commercial jelly or fluff banana slices , apple slices , berries or dried cranberries. His son still sweet taste you love , but with less sugar and more vitamins and minerals. Add raisins and chopped celery in a sandwich peanut butter to mimic snack - favorite child healthy lunch sandwiches , ants - on - a - journal , or use a small amount of cream cheese and honey to replace fluff. If your school does not allow nut butters, you can also make these sandwiches butter sunflower seeds.

Beef Sandwiches :

If your child is a fan of meats such as Turkey or ham sandwiches , consider reduction over meat and vegetables that you like, such as lettuce healthy lunch sandwiches , tomato, cucumber, pepper and grated carrots. Better yet, replace meat chicken or leftover turkey in the oven or grill to reduce preservatives and sodium in your child's lunch . Watery vegetables such as tomatoes must be packed separately to be added at healthy lunch sandwiches the last minute if it is not the soggy bread . You can add dried tomatoes , red onion , cucumber and olives tuna sandwiches ; entertain a turkey sandwich with pesto , avocado, hummus or a mixture of pears and honey mustard, or even ham and eggs hard, pickles , sauerkraut, a mixture of crushed peas and ricotta or mashed sweet healthy lunch sandwiches potatoes with honey.

Cheese sandwiches :

If your child prefers a cheese sandwich , try changing the bread with crackers, bagels, English muffins or tortillas to add variety . Healthy lunch sandwiches Add your favorite fruits or vegetables to increase the nutritional content of the sandwich. Try a sandwich made with pizza and mozzarella, balsamic vinegar and tomatoes , or the top of bread with goat cheese soft cheese and grated carrot . Other options are healthy lunch sandwiches apples with cheddar cheese or , for children less adventurous , lettuce and tomato with your favorite cheese. Consider using a tortilla and layer on the toppings, roll and cut to make a sandwich for lunch funnier reel.

Sandwiches vegetables :

Increase the consumption of vegetables healthy lunch sandwiches from his son who serves sandwiches vegetables. Add your favorite pita bread in half , spread with cream cheese or hummus with bread and garnish with sliced ​​vegetables he likes , or make a mock tuna sandwich with chickpea salad. Serve an envelope healthy lunch sandwiches with grilled vegetables topped with a small amount of Italian dressing or a burrito with rice , beans , salsa and guacamole. You can also replace the bread or tortilla with lettuce and wrap sandwiches healthy lunch sandwiches in this nutritious vegetables low in calories.

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