Low Fat Soup Recipes

Soup can be a meal in itself. For people who are weight conscious , some healthy ingredients added to soup can mean many things low fat soup recipes . Here are some recipes for household fats nutritious soup weak or cooks can whip smart in a jiffy and serve at home.

Pressed for time ? Try to make cold cucumber soup with thick Greek yogurt high in protein and fat calcium. You must first remove the low fat soup recipes seeds of cucumbers peeled. Chop the onion and a little parsley and fresh mint , add to a blender with yogurt. Chill and serve .

Another easy to prepare low fat recipes are asparagus soup soup, gazpacho soup and onion soup . Pull the ends of the studs . Low fat soup recipes In an oven , cook the asparagus with chopped onions , celery, leeks and potato slices in a couple of teaspoons of olive oil. Add the vegetable broth and simmer , then put in a blender to puree. Transfer to oven and add sour free length for asparagus cream soup tasty . For gazpacho soup low fat soup recipes , tomatoes handy and fresh cucumbers , juice plus sodium vegetables and olive oil. Mix and cool. Onion soup , on the other hand, you can do with a broth with vegetables . Enjoy the flavors swirl by stirring in a nonstick pan with butter and olive oil, fresh sage leaves six crushed garlic cloves low fat soup recipes sliced ​​onions , shallots and leeks. Boil the vegetable broth.

Another option is tasty carrot and sweet potato soup without fat, low sodium chicken broth and spices. If you are really pressed for time , organic soups purchase quality such as sweet potato cream made ​​with fresh herbs and delicate spices . Low fat soup recipes An alternative is the soup of organic nut house enriched with vitamins and low in saturated fat and cholesterol facts.

Low fat soup recipes can be affected by the use of ingredients that are full of nutrients , making it ideal for children and adults .

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